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Digital signage solutions to engage, entertain and inform

Digital signage is an excellent way to interact with your customers or employees, to share information, to attract attention or simply to create an innovative space.

In short, it is a communication tool that allows you to display any type of multimedia content (video, image, text, music, website, webinar, etc.) on a set of screens.

These screens can be fixed to the wall, suspended from a ceiling support or integrated into a floor stand or a visiopanel, in portrait or landscape mode.

Why opt for this type of display?

Generally used to promote, advertise or inform, these screens can be seen as displays that stimulate sales or improve communication.

Here are some of the many advantages of using digital signage:

  • Improves the aesthetics of a space
  • Ability to schedule content at specific times
  • Reduces perceived waiting times (in the case of a waiting room for example)
  • Messages are easy to change
  • Reduces frustration and anxiety (e.g. in the context of an information point or plan)
  • Effortless management

We offer a wide range of digital signage products & solutions

Common examples of the use of digital signage, depending on the usage scenario:

  • Public – location-specific information (news, weather, traffic, etc.), maps, orientation
  • Business – knowledge sharing, meeting room booking, meeting coordination, training
  • Tourism – orientation, points of interest, city information
  • Retail – self-service checkout, product display, smart mirror
  • Restaurants – self-service, digital menu board, self-service ordering kiosk
  • Marketing – promotions, ambience
  • Museums – orientation, digital tours, visitor registration
  • Etc.

Our expertise: from design to implementation

Each installation of display material is meticulously designed and executed by our teams.

We keep you informed throughout the process.

You can also choose to contract only part of our services:

Audit / Project Management

Design & Integration



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