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7 features to know when choosing a videoconferencing system

What constitutes a great videoconferencing system, and how do you choose the right one for your business?


Ebook: The complete guide to creativity rooms

Having become a must for innovative companies, the question of the justification of a creativity room is still worth asking…


Ebook Microsoft Teams Room
Teams Rooms merge the Teams tool with Microsoft-certified room equipment, creating a collaborative workspace optimised for in-room video conferencing.

collaborative meeting room

Ebook: The collaborative Meeting Room

Collaborating in a team implies being able to exchange and co-produce information easily and in real time, regardless of where your interlocutors are…

flexible meeting room

The flexible and versatile meeting room Guide
The optimization and versatility in the use of space helps considerably to amortize the investment.

zoom rooms guide

The Zoom Rooms Guide

In this guide, learn about the different features of Zoom Rooms and the steps to set it up easily and efficiently.

protocol videoconferencing

Choosing a videoconferencing protocol
It is sometimes difficult to navigate the protocols available on the market for videoconferencing sytems.

multiple screens

Displaying multiple screens in a meeting room
For effective meetings, it is imperative to display several contents simultaneously in the collaborative room

training room

The complete training room guide
Setting up a training room can be a real challenge. It is important to take the time to think about your objectives and needs to avoid mistakes.

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