Teams videoconferencing

For a better collaboration experience with one of the leaders in videoconferencing

Microsoft Teams stands out as a very popular videoconferencing platform, with a strong emphasis on integration with the Microsoft world.

The real strength of Teams lies in its integration with Office 365 and Outlook email.

For successful integration or optimisation of Microsoft Teams in your meeting room, Motilde is the partner you need.

Videoconferencing with Teams: key features

HD video and audio quality

Microsoft Teams offers high-definition video resolution, and includes OPUS, recognised as one of the best audio codecs on the market.

Intégration avec Office 365

Teams is seamlessly integrated with the Office 365 suite, enabling real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets and presentations during video conferences.

Extended connectivity

Teams connects easily with Microsoft products, as well as other popular tools (Jira, Trello, and over 800 other applications).

Assured digital protection

Even with the free version, Teams guarantees full data encryption (E2E).

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Choosing Microsoft Teams for your video conferences

  • Microsoft Teams is the most widely used videoconferencing tool in the business world. This success is due to Microsoft’s position in this market segment.
  • Microsoft’s videoconferencing tool offers a host of features designed to enhance the user experience, including background editing, noise cancellation, HD video, the ability to add subtitles, etc.
  • During a Teams meeting, you can share, co-edit and discuss a document without having to leave the platform.
  • Many employees are already familiar with Microsoft products, which reduces the learning curve and facilitates adoption.
  • On the minus side, Teams consumes more bandwidth than other solutions on the market, and has a “Microsoft” feel.
  • In addition, setting up Teams/Network/O365 can be complex for the uninitiated.

An optimised videoconferencing experience thanks to Micosoft Teams Rooms

teams room

The Microsoft Teams Room is an integrated solution for meeting rooms, combining the Teams application with Microsoft-certified videoconferencing equipment.

We offer a wide range of Microsoft Team Rooms solutions to suit every workspace: from small brainstorming rooms to large conference rooms, collaborative spaces and lecture theatres.

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Do you already use TEAMS or are you considering doing so?

Call on an audiovisual integration expert like Motilde to develop and perfect your TEAMS environment.

Request a free personalised quote

We are a certified Teams partner and experts in the design of Microsoft Teams Room (MTR).

Motilde can help you set up a complete videoconferencing solution.

Our very wide range of videoconferencing equipment and hardware will provide a tailor-made response to your needs and budget.

Contact us to receive your personalised quote, and a specialist engineer will get back to you as soon as possible!

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