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In a context where meeting rooms are often fully booked, room reservation systems and softwares are an indispensable means of managing this resource effectively. They can also help to maintain social distance, manage room capacity, and even schedule maintenance or cleaning of meeting spaces.

Suitable for all businesses, a room reservation system maximises the use of workspace and saves money by reducing downtime and unscheduled meetings.

Our team of audiovisual professionals will work with you to define and install the most suitable solution for your project.

Software for synchronised bookings

Good meeting room booking software not only benefits employees, but also allows managers to optimise the workplace using data-driven information. It can completely transform the way your company plans and organises meetings through :

  • Booking from your calendar or directly from the room
  • Integration with existing tools (Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.)
  • Visualisation of the resources available in the room: video projector, touch screen, etc.
  • Release of reserved but unoccupied rooms on the agenda (to limit the impact of “ghost meetings”)
  • Management of multiple sites
  • Possibility of booking by third parties, including invoicing
  • Real time availability display
  • Analysis/reporting of room usage
  • Automated visitor management

Are you looking for software that will improve your workplace efficiency and save you money? Contact our team today and we’ll help you find a solution that suits your needs.

Information display

Is the room free or in use? What meeting equipment is available?

Reduce double bookings, missed reservations and other frustrations with a display solution for your meeting rooms.

Some of the options offered by these touchscreens integrated into the room booking software:

  • Displays the capacity and facilities of a room
  • Displays the upcoming availability of a room (for whom has booked the room and for how long)
  • Indicates the availability of a room from a distance thanks to a three-coloured light.
  • Allows you to book new meetings (reserve the room) for a specific time slot.
  • Manually extend or end a room reservation
  • Integration with calendar systems to synchronise schedules and avoid data silos.
  • Supports corporate branding

Motilde integrates software and hardware for a 360° management of your needs

We integrate the major brands of meeting room reservation systems and advise you on the choice of equipment and its implementation in view of the configuration of your collaboration spaces and your budget.

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Our expertise: from design to implementation

Each meeting room reservation system is meticulously designed and installed by our teams.

You are involved throughout the process.

You can also choose to contract only part of our services:

Audit / Project Management

Design & Integration



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