Collaborative workspaces

Promoting cooperative and flexible working

Collaboration needs are changing towards more visual and more remote. That’s why many companies are building stimulating meeting rooms and collaborative workspaces with the latest hardware and software technologies.

The design of a collaborative workspace focuses on the involvement and integration of participants both in the space and remotely.

By using the right set of tools, you create an environment that allows your team to collaborate at an optimal level.

When are you moving to collaborative spaces?

The benefits of collaborative spaces

Hybrid work
Flexibility is essential to survive in a globalised and competitive market.  Teams are made up of employees working remotely and those in the office. A collaborative, digital workspace allows hybrid teams to work on the same projects from anywhere.

Better use of space
Collaborative workspaces bring people together in a shared environment. This reduces costs, maximises available workspace and allows better use of square metres.

Increased productivity and motivation
One of the great benefits of collaboration is the inspiration factor for teams. Isolation is a barrier to productivity and motivation. Getting employees out of individual offices restores a team dynamic in the workplace.

Greater creative input
When different people collaborate on a project, you get more creative input. Gathering different ideas and brainstorming in an inspiring space leads to innovative solutions that can in turn increase the visibility and quality of the products or services your company offers.

A full range of collaboration solutions

Motilde offers you all the tools that allow you to collaborate in the same space but also to interact remotely.
Sharing and co-editing a document with several people, interacting remotely with videocollaboration or telepresence robots...
Motilde has built its core business on the design and equipment of turnkey spaces.
Our added value and our difference lie in our multidisciplinary approach focused on exchanges in a collective space.
Motilde offers its customers the necessary hardware for successful collaborative meeting rooms.
Motilde, en tant qu’intégrateur de technologies saura vous proposer les hardware qui correspondent à vos besoins de collaboration.

From design to implementation

We can assist you with all of your collaborative work space projects. We have our own multimedia furniture manufacturing plant and can offer you customised solutions.

You can also choose to call on us for our different areas of expertise, together or separately:

Audit / Project Management

Intégration technologique

Intégration du mobilier

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Motilde can help you design and fit out your collaborative work spaces.

We have built our core business on the design and equipment of turnkey collaborative spaces. Our added value and our difference reside in our multidisciplinary approach focused on exchanges in a collective space.

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