Showroom layout / Commercial & retail space

Digitalise and modernise your sales areas

The digital space and the physical retail space are converging; this convergence has been accelerated by the pandemic. Consumers are now expressing a desire for a more personalised in-store retail experience that is more integrated with merchant websites.

Advanced in-store technology helps connect the two worlds, digital and physical.

We offer the most appropriate technology and hardware solutions to ensure that e-commerce and the retail space complement each other effectively.

Commercial space planning

Technology at the heart of the retail space

Boost the power of your retail space with digital! Digital signage and touch-screen terminals turn it into a cross-channel communication space.

Solutions adapted to the COVID pandemic

Motilde offers you the possibility to fight against COVID while reassuring your customers:

  • checking that the mask is worn
  • counting of entries and exits
  • measurement of body temperature
  • air purifier

We will offer you the technological and material solutions best suited to your needs.

Showroom layout

First image

Your showroom gives the first image of your products and your qualitative positioning.
It is important to associate your company’s identity and values with this first image, through the quality of the layout and technology of your showroom.

A place for cross-channel communication

Motilde offers you the possibility of transforming your showroom into a place of communication: dynamic display, digital decorations, interactive terminals, etc…
We will offer you the most suitable technological solutions for your needs so that e-commerce and the sales area complement each other effectively.

In concrete terms, three types of offer complement each other:

  • Furniture
  • Layout of the showroom
  • Technology :
    • Interactive equipment and digital signage
    • Room optimisation: mechanical and electronic security of products, room control (home automation), transparent management of cables and peripherals, etc.
    • Videoconferencing with a specialised e-salesman based in the central office

From design to implementation

We can assist you with all your commercial and showroom design projects. We have our own multimedia furniture manufacturing plant and can offer you customised solutions.

You can also choose to call on us for our different areas of expertise, together or separately:

Audit / Project Management

Technology integration

Furniture integration

Request a free customised quote

Motilde assists you in the design and layout of your sales areas and showrooms.

Our understanding of spaces, our knowledge of ergonomics and our expertise in the integration of technological equipment will allow us to provide a tailor-made response to your needs and your budget.

Contact us to receive your personalised quote, a specialist engineer will contact you as soon as possible!

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