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Equip your meeting rooms for video conferencing

Meeting rooms are essential collaboration spaces for any business. Virtual meetings are no exception and rooms are now used for video conferencing with both remote and local participants.

However, technical problems with meeting room equipment and software can impact on productivity by causing delays and disruption.

The good news is that there are ways to make video meetings more productive, including a well-equipped room.

How do you create the ideal meeting space for video conferencing? Motilde can help you with your project.

Things to consider when designing a videoconferencing room

  • Room layout – The configuration of the room has a significant impact on your videoconferencing experience. The space should be configured so that everyone in the room and remote users can see and hear everything that is said and displayed.
  • Lighting – The design of a videoconferencing room should include an appropriate lighting system. If a room is too bright, it can be difficult to see the video. If there are large windows, thick curtains are a must. Wall or recessed lighting is far superior and less glaring than pendant lights. Backlighting is, of course, a no-no. In short, lighting is just as important as technology.
  • Video technology – Video equipment must be capable of providing a good resolution image. Considerable progress has been made in video technology since the days of the first webcams: the picture quality can be excellent.
  • Audio technology – Audio equipment is even more essential. People at a distance need to be able to hear well using the devices at their disposal, whether it’s a smartphone or a laptop.
  • Noise reduction and acoustics – Ambient noise as well as noise from outside the room should be filtered out by the video system. The quieter the design of the videoconference room, the better the sound quality of the equipment.

Our videoconferencing offers

Audit of needs and solutions already installed
Qualitative and quantitative audit: users, satisfaction rate, perceived quality
Desktop and BYOD camera licenses
Your employees' PCs are at the centre of the system: at home, outside, or in the meeting room
Design, installation, maintenance of collaborative spaces incorporating videoconferencing
Room codecs, audiovisual equipment adapted to the size and use of the room, layout of hybrid rooms: layout, furniture, lighting, etc.
Audit, installation and configuration of your connections used for videoconferencing
Throughput, latency, jitter, packet loss
Wifi, Lifi
Dedicated VLAN, FW / QoS
Optical fibre

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