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Flexible, mobile and modular

Meeting rooms are the spaces where your teams collaborate the most and make crucial decisions. Meeting rooms and boardrooms should be designed with both on-site and remote participants in mind.

Are you looking for a small Huddle Room for important video calls? Or perhaps a larger meeting module for teamwork and co-creation?

Motilde allows you to design your space according to your needs and from a wide range of multimedia accessories, adapted furniture and flexible options.

Choose the solution that suits you best and let our experts take care of the rest.

Motilde takes care of the 6 essential components of a meeting room layout:

  • The layout is optimised for all types of exchanges and the circulation in the room must also be thought out in relation to uses
  • Furniture: meeting tables, seats, multimedia furniture such as our Huddle Rooms, VisioPanels or ID Panels.
  • Lighting: Motilde has chosen LED technology to offer you economical and efficient solutions that will fit into your meeting room: ceiling lights, wall lights, indirect lighting.
  • Cladding: wall, ceiling, technical floor (false floor). Our wall and ceiling coverings enhance the identity of the space with finishes that match the rest of the space and incorporate an acoustic covering. They allow for cable management and the integration of visible or invisible peripherals.
  • Image: is an important parameter of a meeting room as it is used to receive external visitors or VIP guests. Our material library, which is available for furniture and panelling elements, will help you decide.
  • Accessories: consistent with our other products: flipcharts, video projector furniture, conference desks, etc.

Various sizes of meeting rooms for different needs

Whatever your needs and budget, at Motilde you will find furnishing solutions for all kinds of meeting rooms:

  • Boardroom
  • Conference room
  • Huddle Rooms
  • Videoconference room
  • Modular room
  • Creativity room
  • Brainstorming room
  • Comfortable lounge

Arrangement of a Meeting Room

Before embarking on the setup of your meeting room, it’s essential to clearly understand the objectives and underlying needs. The layout of a meeting room is a project that requires thorough study to meet ergonomic and equipment management requirements. Pay attention to the objectives of your meeting, the room’s layout, and the desired level of interaction between the facilitator and participants.


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From design to implementation

We can help you with all your meeting room design projects. We have our own multimedia furniture manufacturing plant and can offer you customised solutions.

You can also choose to call on us for our different areas of expertise, together or separately:

Audit / Project Management

Technology integration

Furniture integration

Request a free customised quote

Motilde can help you design and fit out your meeting rooms.

Our understanding of spaces, our knowledge of ergonomics and our expertise in the integration of technological equipment will allow us to provide a tailor-made response to your needs and your budget.

Contact us to receive your personalised quote and a specialist engineer will contact you as soon as possible!

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions :

How can I keep cables out of my meeting room?

To ensure that your meeting room does not look like a jungle of cables and equipment, you should not neglect the pre-design of your meeting room: furnishings, layout and equipment. Your meeting room will remain tidy and functional if you have planned this aspect in advance.

When furnishing your meeting room, choose a table with integrated connectivity options, such as top access and cable management. Managed and invisible cables will boost the image and security of your room.

Carrying out the cabling planning exercise involves asking the following questions:

  • What equipment will be installed in the room? Where will it be located?
  • How many sockets and where should they be installed?
  • What type of connections: RJ45, USB, …?
  • How many additional sockets are needed to accommodate the participants’ machines?
  • What are the wireless alternatives?

Which lighting for my meeting room?

Lighting is crucial to the meeting room experience. Too little light can cause participants to become tired and drowsy. On the other hand, lighting that is too bright will not be conducive to good screen viewing and will also cause eye strain. Adjusting the intensity and colour temperature of ceiling lights is often a good response to suit the conditions in the room.

For rooms that are designed to be warm and comfortable spaces, softer lighting is often required. Large conference rooms may require more brightness, and rooms with projectors may require dimming.

Lighting also depends heavily on the location of the room. If the room has a lot of glass surfaces, you may need to consider reducing natural light with blinds. For rooms without windows, light should be a primary consideration in the design of the room.

How should I arrange my meeting room?

The layout of your meeting room will largely depend on the number of participants, but also on the use cases.
Some examples of layouts: Amphitheatre or classroom, U-shape or horseshoe shape, V-shape, Circle layout, ‘Clusters’, etc…

Call on our experts to find the most suitable layout for your needs!

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