Creating videoconferencing environments in large spaces has its challenges. In lecture theatres, for example, the most valuable content does not always come from the lecture itself, but from the discussions between the participants. With distance learning, it is much more of a two-way conversation. The level of engagement required for both everyone in the room and the remote participants is high, so clear capture of all parties is essential.

For audio in large spaces, this challenge is amplified by the higher cost and complexity of designing, installing and managing traditional professional AV solutions.

Nureva is at the forefront of developing ways to meet these challenges with intelligent audio systems that are easy to deploy and manage.

The HDL410 system is the latest example of Nureva’s reinvention of audio in large rooms. Discover the main features of this video conferencing equipment.

Nureva HDL410: for what kind of room?

This audio system has been designed for large meeting/training rooms, offering coverage of up to 180 m² (10.7 x 16.8 m).

Nureva thus completes its offer and proposes a range adapted to all room sizes:


The HDL 410 system combines two Nureva microphone and loudspeaker bars with a connection module featuring the Microphone Mist Generation 2 technology coverage map.

With 16,384 virtual microphones, voices are picked up everywhere. Conversations sound smooth, even when several people are talking at once.

With the unified coverage map, both bars behave as a single unit, improving audio performance and the accuracy of sound location data for camera switching and control. This technology also avoids the complications of assembling overlapping coverage areas from multiple ceiling microphones.

The device also recognises and eliminates echo without affecting audio quality, preventing background noise from disrupting your video conversations. The Nureva HDL410 audio system, thanks to all these innovations, won the Best New Technology Award at ISE 2023. Motilde had the chance to test this product at the show, which Thomas Hosseini Balam from Televic Conference presents to us:

Motilde’s review

We tested the product and here are our conclusions:

The Nureva HDL410 is a high quality product that will shake up the market for large room audio solutions.

It stands out from its competitors in particular for its ease of use. Equivalent products in terms of audio quality such as Stem Wall or Mxa710 (Shure) are indeed more difficult to configure. The Nureva HDL410 does not require an audio processor or external speaker. The only downside is that when connected to an external device (e.g. Clickshare), configuration is not intuitive.

Ceiling microphones (such as the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 – also very good quality) are often used in large rooms, but this solution is not the most flexible and sometimes complicated depending on the configuration of the venue (no false ceilings for example).

Nureva Console is a powerful platform for managing cloud-based devices. Settings are precise and can be made intuitively, without technical knowledge. In particular, it allows for efficient remote audio management.

Nureva HDL410: technical specifications


  • Number of microphones: 24 (12 per unit)
  • Microphone type: Low noise omnidirectional MEMS
  • Frequency response: 100 Hz to 7 kHz
  • Total microphone harmonic distortion (THD): 0.25% (typical)
  • Transmission: Full duplex
  • Microphone range: 20′ or 6 m (optimal)v


  • Number of speakers: 4 x 20W
  • Speaker type: 4-inch aluminium cone
  • Maximum acoustic output: 91 dB-SPL @ 1 m
  • Total speaker harmonic distortion (THD): 0.25

Connection module

  • USB 2.0 interface to a computer or collaboration hub, type B
  • Auxiliary output (3.5 mm stereo single-ended jack)
  • Auxiliary input 3.5 mm stereo single-ended jack
  • RJ-45 microphone and speaker bar connections
  • Direct RJ-45 console for network connection
  • Power supply input socket


  • Plug and play compatibility with UC&C platforms including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google MeetTM, GoToMeeting®, Cisco Webex®, Blue Jeans, Lifesize®, RingCentral and more
  • Easy integration with third-party solutions such as Barco ClickShare, conference capture systems, and headset microphones with voice amplification mode.

Once having selected the audio solution for your meeting space, you can think about how you will integrate it with other audio-visual devices. Contact us to find out which solution is best suited to your needs!

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