Espace 4 – Global solution

The project:


From the outset, the leaders specified the key points of the expected response:

-a powerful audio-video conferencing solution allowing exchanges both between rooms and for their mobile staff
– furniture and layout adapted to the rooms selected to deploy remote and local collaboration.
– be able to offer external partners the possibility of sharing content, in complete security for the internal information system.
– great ease of use. Imperative condition for adoption by the teams.
– federation with a TS infrastructure (Any server) which governs the internal information system.
– a controlled budget both in terms of investment and recurring costs.


First, to support the company in its reflection and the development of its specifications.

Then for the implementation of a global solution through dedicated rooms: local collaboration furniture and equipment, but also corporate collaboration solutions: room systems, cloud with face-to-face, automatic escalation of participants, client software in all communication bubbles, etc.
In the end, the success of the installation is there: the infrastructure is now overused by all the teams who have made it a real tool for accelerating projects and – icing on the cake – the costs displacement decreased by 30%.

Some pictures of the project:

Our client’s opinion:

“Aiming to provide its customers with the power of a national group and the proximity of regional agencies as close as possible to operations, the Espace4 Group has had a network of local agencies for fifteen years. To best support this organization, which is both geographical and matrix-based (the support services are centralized), it had become necessary to adapt our communication tools and our working methods towards more remote collaboration. this new challenge, that we called on the MOtilde company, which successfully met our needs ”

Olivier Angleys
Managing Director of Espace 4

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