Zoom video conferencing

Why use Zoom for my virtual meetings?

Your business needs the right video conferencing platform to stay connected and productive.

Zoom has established itself in record time as the reference solution for SMEs and MidCaps, thanks to the richness of its functionalities and the simplicity of its interface.

Motilde is now one of Zoom’s leading partner integrators in Europe.

Our experts are at your service, from the deployment of your Zoom solution on your organization’s PCs to the design of Zoom meeting rooms.

Video conferencing with Zoom: the main features

High maximum participant capacity
Compared to similar apps and services, Zoom has the highest maximum participant capacity. The free plan supports up to 100 participants, while the Enterprise plan can accommodate up to 500 participants.

Screen sharing
Improve collaboration in your online meetings by sharing your computer screen. Other participants can follow your activity in real time. Screen sharing saves you time by avoiding having to send files, documents or videos.

This feature allows participants to record meeting video and audio locally on a computer. You can also upload recorded files to a storage or streaming service (Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube or Vimeo for example).

End-to-end encryption
End-to-end encryption is important because it provides users and recipients with security and privacy of data from the time it is sent by the user until the time it is received by the recipient.

Motilde integrates your Zoom video conferencing solution

We integrate your Zoom system, manage your licenses, and advise you on the choice of hardware depending on the configuration of your workspace and your budget.


Integration of the Zoom solution into your meeting rooms

Imagine a world where starting a video conference in your meeting room was as easy as clicking a button.

We offer a complete range of Zoom solutions for any workspace: from meeting spaces to conference rooms, and from huddle rooms to auditoriums, webinars and Zoom conferences.

Combine quality conferencing equipment with Zoom’s video conferencing platform for a seamless and immediate meeting experience.

Ask for a free personalized quote

We are a Certified Zoom Partner and experts in designing Zoom Rooms.

Motilde supports you in setting up a complete videoconferencing solution.

Our very wide range of videoconferencing equipment and materials will allow a tailor-made response to your needs and your budget.

Contact us to receive your personalized quote, a specialized engineer will contact you as soon as possible!

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