Hiram Finance – Huddle Room

The project:


This company wanted a collaborative room that could accommodate up to 7 people, and be able to speed up decision-making during meetings using collaborative tools.


To meet our client’s request, we offered one of our flagship solutions: Fully equipped huddle room. Among our standards, we have several forms of Huddle rooms: Line, Miko, Tango, Origami.

For this project, we referred our client to a Tango model (trapezoidal shape) in a 5/7 seater configuration.

Why this choice ? This space must allow video conferencing sessions which means that everyone in the room must see the screen and be seen by the remote site. This is the most suitable trapezoidal shape in this situation.

To achieve quality video conferencing, we have installed a kit including:

– an HD camera with a 10x zoom,
-4 omnidirectional microphones operating over a diameter of 6 meters,
– a control touch screen.

Finally, to promote collaboration and speed up decision-making, a content sharing system has been integrated into the whole. This one, simple and intuitive, allows you to share up to 4 contents simultaneously.

Some pictures of the project:

Our client’s opinion:

“Wishing to acquire the best collaborative technologies in an environment conducive to friendly and quality work, Hiram Finance approached Motilde as part of its recent move into new premises.

It was chosen to call on Motilde for its dual skills as a designer and technological integrator of collaborative spaces.

Motilde supported us throughout our project from the upstream reflection to its realization leading to the implementation of a content sharing system and the arrangement of communication bubbles.

The Motilde team was able to mobilize and remain available to support Hiram Finance throughout the project and during the first weeks following the installation.

Beyond the practicality of the solution, the rendering is very beautiful and I am particularly satisfied with this support and the quality of the products installed.

Motilde was able to respond to a demanding request within the framework of a project involving significant constraints, particularly in terms of deadlines, budget and space. This collaboration has proven to be a complete success.”

Elisabeth Lacombe
General Secretary at Hiram Finance

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