You are thinking of investing in a collaborative meeting room to boost your employees’ exchanges, but you don’t know how to estimate the cost of a videoconference room? Don’t panic! Video conferencing pricing is easier than it sounds and we’re here to help.

For the record, a collaborative meeting room is different from traditional meeting spaces. It can be small (huddle room), medium (meeting/training room) or large (boardroom, control room). The collaborative meeting room focuses on the participants as opposed to traditional rooms which focus on the facilitator.

To establish an estimate of the cost of the videoconference room there are several criteria to take into account:

  • Cost of use = collaborative room, training room, crisis room, supervision room…
  • Cost of furniture/furniture = meeting table, huddle room, storage, id panel, seating capacity…
  • Cost of equipment =
    • Content sharing (wired or wireless, screen sharing or co-editing…)
    • Display (screens, projection, quantity, size, touchscreen…)
    • Room control (screens, lighting, openings…)
    • Room reservation system
    • Internet connection (secure wifi, fibre access, etc.)

Here are 3 examples:

1. Price of a simple collaborative room

  • Components : 5-seat huddle room, content sharing system, video conferencing kit
  • Small, this collaboration room is designed for small meetings of 3 to 5 people wishing to hold a dynamic video conference with content sharing.
  • Price of a simple collaborative room: 5 to 8k€.

2. Price of an advanced collaborative room

  • Components: VisioTable with 8 seats, 8 height adjustable seats, visiopanel (screen support) equipped with two 55ˮ screens, content sharing and co-editing system, High Definition video conferencing codec, virtual video conferencing room
  • Medium, this collaboration room is intended for meetings requiring the ability to video conference and co-edit at two remote sites
  • Price of an advanced collaborative room: 10 to 20 k€.

3. Price of a control room

Salle de contrôle - Motilde
  • Components: table that can be adjusted according to need (up to 22 people in this example), storage, seats, VisioPanel (screen support), video wall, audio conference, high definition video conference codec with monitoring cameras, content sharing system, reminder monitor, virtual video conference room, VisioMobile (mobile screen support), digital and interactive paperboard.
  • This large crisis room is designed for a variety of uses, making it possible to shape the room to suit your needs at any given time. Moreover, with its large image wall and its powerful collaboration tools, it is a real work and supervision room.
  • Cost of a control room: 40 to 160 k€.

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