The workload is piling up for your employees and you believe that simplifying video conferencing would be the way to help your employees achieve their goals and improve their productivity. But are they still struggling to get to grips with video meetings?

No need to panic! In this article, we will reveal some arguments to convert your employees to video meetings 😉

The video meeting improves the work/life balance

There are disadvantages associated with a lot of business travel: it can sometimes be long and take more than a day. This can lead to fatigue among your employees, family tensions at home due to lack of presence and an accumulation of overdue tasks. These different factors play an important role in the morale of employees. If morale is low, motivation will also be low and therefore commercial productivity will be lower.

Opting for videoconferencing would reduce the amount of time spent travelling, allow for more balanced working hours, increase the productivity of business processes and, above all, allow you to enjoy your private life. In the end: the video meeting allows a better balance between professional and private life.

No more stereotypes of complexity: the video meeting is simple!

If you hear “I don’t want this technology, it’s complicated, I’ll waste time”, those days are over! Today, video conferencing is very easy to use.

Moreover, following the pandemic, video meetings are widely used on a personal basis, and therefore many people already know how to organise a video conference. To reassure your employees, we can even tell you that there are professional solutions where you can start a video meeting in one click from a touch screen!

The video meeting can be used on the go

Over time, travelling has become a source of inconvenience (covid, pollution, safety, long journey times…).

Thanks to the video meeting, no more problems related to travel. Your employees can hold their meetings from wherever they are, present documents to their contacts from a distance, and even work on the same document in real time. It has become an essential tool for teleworking.

If you want to show your employees that video conferencing can be a real asset to their personal efficiency, don’t hesitate to ask us for a demonstration.

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