What are the advantages of these small spaces called Huddle Rooms and what are our first feedbacks on the subject?

1# Advantages

Generally positioned in Open Space, they are surrounded by glass surfaces or acoustic surfaces in rock wool covered with textile.

The first advantage is visual to break with the conformism of open work spaces: flashy colors (orange, red, green Anise, etc.).

It also allows employees to isolate themselves to work, to improvise meetings with 2 or 3 people. They exist in high or low positions (the brain would work better when we are standing, it would allow the back to be less solicited).

Accessible by wifi, the Huddle Rooms combine all the comforts of a meeting room (display, presentation of content with or without cable, videoconferencing, built-in plugs and USB charging).

2# Experience feedback

Our clients have noticed that these Huddle Rooms are literally taken over by their employees. They are preferred to more traditional and often larger meeting rooms.

This can be explained quite simply. Indeed, the Huddle Rooms are easier to access because they are often non-reservable. A simple presence detector is enough to indicate that the space is occupied.

The Huddle Rooms answers an immediate need, in a fun and comfortable environment. The technological elements must be very simple to use.

Our customers generally integrate one per tray or Open Space.

Huddle Room made by Motilde

3# Specific Huddle Rooms

They are also offered in creativity rooms. To create a separate divergent or convergent space.

They can be proposed for remote collaboration needs.

These new spaces attract your company’s employees and allow them to work discreetly next to their desk or to improvise a meeting.

The well-being at work of employees will be greatly improved.

If you wish to set up Huddle Rooms in your company, do not hesitate to consult Motilde!

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