Remote collaboration has become the norm, and more and more people are working in a hybrid or semi-distance mode. Although we have a multitude of digital collaboration tools at our disposal, many of us still prefer to use more traditional methods in certain situations.

That’s where whiteboards come in! These intuitive tools encourage collaboration and brainstorming in a natural way, and are particularly useful in training settings.

But how do you use a whiteboard remotely? Logitech has found the solution with its Scribe camera. This innovation makes it possible to integrate the whiteboard with the video conference and thus facilitate idea sharing.

Discover the main features of this equipment for remote collaboration.

Product description

Logitech Scribe is a camera designed specifically for whiteboards. Its custom-made lens offers exceptional video quality.

With built-in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Scribe creates a transparency effect, allowing participants to clearly see the content of the board:

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In addition, Scribe automatically enhances the colour and contrast of the markers for legible text and drawings. Image segmentation allows Scribe to recognise and display other forms of content, such as sticky notes.

With Scribe’s wireless sharing button, sharing whiteboards online is quick and easy. You can also initiate sharing via your meeting room touch controller, such as the Logitech Tap.

The Logitech Scribe whiteboard camera can be integrated with virtually any unified communications system, standard webcams and of course Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms. Motilde had the chance to test this product at ISE 2023. Gonzalo Frasquet from Logitech presents this innovation:

Installing the Scribe camera

The Scribe camera looks like a white corner lamp with a minimalist appearance. When mounted on the wall, it can capture whiteboards up to 2 metres wide and 1.2 metres high. It is lightweight, weighing only 1.1kg, and measures 149mm by 119mm by 593mm. It produces high quality video at 1080p/15 fps.

The Scribe package includes everything you need for installation, including a wall mounting kit, a power supply with two RJ-45 ports, an Ethernet-USB adapter, a Bluetooth share button, a pair of 5m Cat 5e cables and cable ties. The power adapter provides PoE to the camera and video output to a USB-A port on a PC running video conferencing software via the dongle transceiver.

Although the installation requires several steps and some DIY, it is still relatively simple.

Motilde’s review

Sharing content from a physical whiteboard is a definite plus for any training organisation or more generally anyone wishing to push content on the fly to remote interlocutors.

The Logitech Scribe has the added advantage of being easy to connect to a video tool such as Google Meet. The limitation of this solution compared to an interactive touchboard is the impossibility of co-editing the content: in other words, we are more in didactic or one-way communication mode than in collaborative mode.

It should be noted that Scribe is not a solution for every type of board, but is designed for traditional whiteboards with markers: it does not work on blackboards with chalk.

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