CESI – BIM room

The project:


This school in the field of IT wanted to set up a BIM room (training room for 3D design tools).

Students are arranged in groups and must see what the teacher wishes to share with them (lessons, correction, manipulation of tools, videos, etc.). Conversely, each student belonging to a group must be able to share its content with it.


Our final answer consists of 6 islands of 6 people.

Each of these islands is made up of:
– a 6-seater Archi VisioTable (Motilde model code: VTA 6V)
– a VisioMobile that can accommodate a screen up to 42 inches (Motilde model code: VML 1000). This second product has a “secure” option so that all the technology included inside is always available and in good working order.
– six polypropylene class chairs

Everything was offered in white and red to match the visual identity of the school.

Some pictures of the project:

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