When named properly, your meeting rooms can be inspiring and reinforce your brand. At the very least, these names make booking rooms a little more fun for your team. Let’s face it, ‘meeting room #21’ is a pretty boring name.

Naming your rooms can also serve practical purposes, such as finding the right room easily or avoiding confusion when it comes to booking a space.

If you want your colleagues to easily remember where you are meeting this afternoon, here are some suggestions:

1. Travel the world

Global destinations are always a hit. For instance, try naming your rooms after the cities where your offices are located or places that represent the diversity of your team members.

2. Visit famous landmarks

Make a list of the famous landmarks in your city – you know, the places you’ve never been but always recommend to visiting friends and family?

You can also focus on the buildings of the cities where your company is located: ‘Tour LU’ as a nod to your factory in Nantes, the classic ‘Eiffel Tower’ for the people of Paris or ‘Sagrada Familia’ to represent your offices in Barcelona.

3. See life in pink

People with normal vision can see millions of distinct colors. That’s more than enough to name a room. For consistency, decorate each room with the color that gave it its name.

4. Reach for the stars

Who doesn’t get inspired and relaxed by stargazing in the sky? Besides, an e-mail that says, “Meeting at Adhara in ten minutes” sounds better than “Meet in the first floor conference room next to the coffee machine.”

5. Change your tune

Music is a hobby that everyone enjoys. Ask your employees about their musical tastes and name the meeting rooms after famous musicians: Sinatra, Elvis, Beatles…

6. Communicate with nature

Plants are also a great theme because, as with color, you can decorate each room with elements that relate to it.
Plants, flowers and trees are neutral and solid subjects that add a level of nature awareness and encourage a peaceful office environment.

7. Showcase your core business

Use names of conference or meeting rooms that relate to your industry. For example, if your business is fashion related, name them after different types of fabrics: gingham, poplin, silk, tweed, etc. Are you in the wine industry? Dare to use the names of the great vintages that make your sector famous.

Choosing a name for your meeting room: our tips

Consider your brand image

Is your brand fun or serious? Do you value creativity or do you prefer a more traditional approach? You need to make sure that the names you create fit your brand.

Be consistent

Consistency is key. Once you’ve chosen a theme for your meeting room names, keep it consistent throughout your office. This will help unify the signage.

For very creative teams, the common thread in all your conference room names could also be that they are all completely random.

Choose a scalable theme

If your office grows, you’ll need more workspaces. Is the theme you chose for your room names scalable? How could you add additional names that still fit your theme if you acquire more space?

Get the whole team involved

Involving your team allows every employee to have a voice and ensures that you choose a theme and names that everyone likes. If you need to name a new room, put the vote to the entire staff. You can let the group that will use the room the most decide, or hold an office-wide vote.

Use room names throughout

Be sure to put clear labels (or touch screens linked to your room reservation system) on all meeting room doors so that everyone begins to associate the room with the name.

Once you have chosen the names, stick to those names on all channels. If you have meeting room management software, make sure the room names are included. If you have an office map, either online or posted, include these names as well.

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