The choice of the camera that will allow you to be seen in a videoconference by the remote site(s) plays a central role: the quality of the exchange is closely dependent on good visual contact between the different participants.

The Poly Studio E70 is a unique smart camera. Dual cameras with 4K+ sensors are enhanced with Poly DirectorAI technology to create an ideal video experience for hybrid work environments.

Discover the main features of this state-of-the-art equipment.

poly e70

Using the Poly E70 Camera: Who is this product for?

The Poly Studio E70 is the perfect solution for medium to large sized meeting rooms and boardrooms. We recommend this product for a room with a maximum length of 7.62 meters.

Poly Studio E70 Camera Features

The Poly Studio E70 is equipped with two cameras. One camera is used to obtain a clear image of the people at the back of the room, thanks to a 120° angle. The second camera is used for the participants at the front of the conference room.

The Poly E70 camera uses Poly DirectorAI technology. This is the intelligence that powers the brand’s automatic behaviours. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to provide automatic transitions, framing and tracking in real time.

If you are not in virtual communication, both cameras close automatically, ensuring the privacy of your space.

The Poly Lens software also gives you maximum control over firewire updates and configuration settings.

Physical characteristics of the Poly Studio E70 camera

The camera body is made of rigid, cream-coloured, slightly speckled polymer. The silver “POLY” logo is inlaid on the right side of the lens and silk-screened on the top, also on the right side. This gives the lens an elegant and modern look. In addition, the positioning of the two lenses one above the other and its futuristic look, worthy of the aeronautical world, give this camera an unprecedented aesthetic plus. 

Three-pointed star-shaped recesses are present on the top of the equipment to promote cooling of the system by natural convection.

The camera has a small swivel plate on the underside of the body; incorporating a ¼ metric thread in order to mount it like a camera on a tripod or other dedicated stand.

The connectivity is positioned at the back and is simplified:

  • RJ45 port
  • USB C port
  • Power port

A reset button is also present in the same location.

When installed in a Zoom Room, the Poly Studio E70 camera supports Zoom Smart Gallery. Thanks to this technology, each participant gets his or her own video stream on the platform (Zoom Smart Gallery places the room’s participants in individual frames):

Zoom Smart Gallery

Installing the Poly E70 camera

What is the difference between the Poly Studio X70 and the E70?

These devices have many things in common, such as 4K Ultra HD twin cameras and intelligent group framing and speaker tracking.

The most important distinction between these two products is that the Studio X70 is a video bar while the Studio E70 is a camera.

The Studio X70 includes professional quality speakers and microphones for video calls, while the E70 is designed to work with external speakers and microphones. This increases the possibilities for integration and allows for adaptation to the space and use of the end user by optimising the positioning of the sound pickup and its reproduction in the room.

Once you have selected the right camera for your meeting space, you can think about how you will integrate it with other AV devices. Contact us to find out which solution is best suited to your needs!

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