Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing software that allows companies to hold virtual meetings. With easy meeting scheduling, screen sharing and meeting recording features, Zoom has quickly become a must-have tool for remote workers.

But Zoom is not only useful for working from home. With the return to the office, employees and clients want more flexibility in meetings to gain productivity. This has led to a strong demand for meeting room solutions, such as Zoom Rooms.

In this article, discover how this solution works, its advantages, as well as its technical specificities.

What is a Zoom Room?

Zoom Rooms is a simple and intelligent meeting room solution consisting of video and audio equipment and Zoom Rooms software to deliver a quality video conferencing experience. This AV kit provides clear audio, seamless screen sharing and high definition video in your Zoom meetings.

Zoom Rooms: the features

Zoom Rooms combines both the essential video conferencing software and hardware to create an all-in-one environment. Zoom Rooms features include:

  • Automatic bandwidth adaptation
  • Integration with calendars
  • Customisable visual identity
  • Smart galleries to better display participants in the room
  • Control via mobile application
  • Schedule display with people counting
  • Enhanced voice commands
  • SIP and H.323 support
  • Wireless sharing
  • And more.

The elements necessary for the installation of a Zoom Room

There are many elements involved in creating a Zoom Room, regardless of the size of the room. Here are the components needed to create a Zoom Room:

  • Camera
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Computer (for running meetings and keyboard for initial setup)
  • Screen
  • Touch controller (e.g. an iPad)

Or to make the installation easier, all-in-one devices can be used.

Zoom rooms are designed to be simple, easy to install and easy to use. However, we recommend that you use an audio-visual integrator to wire the room for you.

The Zoom Rooms licence

To take full advantage of Zoom Rooms, you need a specific Zoom Room license. Motilde, official Zoom partner, offers you licenses at the best prices.

In what types of rooms can it be used?

Zoom Rooms can turn virtually any meeting room into a video conferencing room. From meeting rooms, boardrooms, executive offices, Huddle Rooms, classrooms, training rooms, etc., they are versatile and adaptable.

Create an all-in-one collaboration environment and access your video calls in one click with Zoom Rooms!

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Zoom Rooms FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Zoom and standard conference terminals (Polycom, Cisco or Lifesize)?

Although both the Zoom application and standard endpoints use the Internet to connect to video calls, the protocols they use to do so are different. The ‘standard’ terminals are designed with H.323 and SIP protocols and connect to other hardware designed with these same protocols by dialling their IP or SIP address. Zoom’s software application, on the other hand, uses the same protocols as devices such as computers (laptops or not) and smartphones to communicate with each other digitally.
However, there are ‘standard’ terminals that run the Zoom Rooms application natively. One example is Poly‘s products (from the G7500 range) which have been designed specifically for video conferencing and collaboration.

Can a Zoom Room join a Teams meeting?

Yes, thanks to Direct Guest Join, a new feature that makes this task easier than ever. Direct Guest Join allows you to easily join Microsoft Teams meetings from Zoom Rooms Appliances, and Zoom meetings from Teams Rooms on Android.

How many screens does a Zoom Room support?

You can set up a Zoom room with 1, 2 or 3 screens:

  • If you are using a dual screen configuration, during a live call you will have the callers on one screen and the content on the other.
  • If you are using a three-screen configuration, the current speaker appears on the third screen.
  • In large spaces, it is possible to reproduce the image of one of these screens on other screens.

Is Zoom Rooms compatible with touch screens?

Using Zoom Room on a touchscreen is a great way to collaborate as a team and bring the Zoom whiteboard functionality to life. There are ready-made touchscreen solutions, or any existing interactive screen can be converted into a Zoom Room ecosystem.

Can I create a Zoom Room using existing material?

You can use existing equipment to create a Zoom Room. However, you will need to check the characteristics of your hardware to ensure that it meets the requirements recommended by Zoom.

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