OVH – Boardroom

The project:


In this boardroom, our client wanted to be able to facilitate local and remote decision-making. The room had to be able to accommodate 22 people.


To start, we have installed a magnificent corian table for them. The V-shape of this board table allows users to see the video wall without getting in the way and to be seen by the remote site(s) in video conferencing.
This table incorporates connectors and 9 motorized LCD screens. These are 17-inch screens with adjustable tilt.

We also made a custom-made wall covering 5 meters long which includes a wall of images. This includes two 85-inch screens as well as a niche to accommodate the videoconferencing camera. For local collaboration, we have proposed a ClickShare-type Wi-Fi content sharing system.

To improve the audio experience of video conferencing sessions, we have integrated 2 micro-ceilings. These have the particularity of being able to be adjusted to better capture certain parts of the room. Audio quality for remote sites is exceptional compared to conventional “octopus” microphones on the table.

In addition, the boardroom is large enough to accommodate a “lounge area” where we have designed a tailor-made furniture for informal meetings that includes a refrigerator, a coffee maker and a water fountain.

The entire management room is controlled by a programmable touch screen: lighting, switching on the screens, opening the blinds, etc….

There is also an adjoining room that serves as a dressing room, so we made this one to measure.

Finally, we have also equipped the reception with a large VisioPanel to allow dynamic display on an 85-inch screen.

Some pictures of the project:

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